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Halo Reach
Death of Kat

I leaned back against the wall.

My mind throbbed over these past hours.

These missions are starting to take a massive toll on me.

I breathed in and out...

I looked around the room that the rest of Noble Team have been holding out in.

I can see Carter, Noble's leader, staring out at the almost-completely ruins of New Alexandria...

I can see Kat, Noble's co-leader and intelligence specialist, working her way on fixing with a comm unit...

I can see Jun, Noble's best sniper, watching for movement with a pair of binoculars within the ruins...

I can see Emile, Noble's assault specialist, sharpening his kukri against his shoulder armor at the other side of us...


There is one more Noble that should have been here.

And that's Jorge, Noble's heavy weapon specialist...

Ever since Operation: UPPERCUT, my heart was hurting me.

Ever since his loss, I just wanted revenge to those who sent us on that suicide mission!

But a mission is a mission... and we must carry them out, as ordered.

Regardless of sacrifice...

I could hear Jun's voice to my right,

"Look at this place. Used to be a crown jewel... Not anymore."

He turned and took a notice of me.

"Hey, you made it."

"It's a regular family reunion."

I turned my to Emile, still sharpening his kukri against his shoulder plate of his MJOLNIR armor.

I looked down to my right hand and loosened my grip, letting Jorge's dogtags to show in from of Noble Team.

"Keep 'em. He gave them to you."

I looked at Emile, who pointed at himself with his kukri,

"I'll honor him my own way."

I turned my head and looked at the floor, sighing.

This has to be the most heart breaking aftermath in my entire UNSC life.

Without Jorge... this ain't Noble Team.

Not it's fullest though.

"Jorge always said that he would never leave Reach."

Emile laughed.

All of us turned to Emile with disgusted faces that Emile, sounds like, dishonoring Jorge for his heroic act.

"The big man was sentimental..."

I watched Carter move from his position to the balcony, next to Jun,

"He gave his life thinking he just saved the planet. We should all be so lucky."

I understand Carter's frustration.

Before I even met Noble Team, they had already lost the original Six on a previous mission before Reach.

Thom was his name...

He planted tactical nuclear weapon in a CCS-Class Battlecruiser, but he never got out of there...

Thom never made it out... not alive, at least.

"Sir, that true about Gaunlet, Red, and Echo Teams assigned to civilian evac ops?"

For some unknown reason, I knew that Kat was gonna take the blame for our previous missions since after I landed back on Reach.

"Those are senior-level communiques..."

"I hear what I hear. Point is, why put Spartans on defensive deployments?"

"I need that link to SATCOM, Kat."

She's been fixing that comm unit ever since I landed my Falcon to regroup with the rest of Noble Team,

"Chasing it, but this console has more shrapnel than transceivers..."

I heard her pause before she said,

"You didn't answer my question."

"You want to know if we're losing?"

"I know we're losing. I want to know if we've lost?"

I shook my head until I perked up by the beeping and static sounds that are coming from the comm unit.

"Colonel Holland. Hailing us! What's he doing on an open channel?"

I straightened up.

Never any one of us UNCS personnel ever use an open channel unless something very dire is happening...

But the Colonel himself?!

I can tell that something was very, very wrong.

"Kat, let's hear it."

We strained our ears forward to hear what the Colonel had to say,

"-near the southwest quadrant of the city, over? Sierra Two-Five-Nine, if you are receiving, I am authorizing override of radio security protocols to link with this channel."

I watched Carter's face...

Full of concern.

"How long for a secure link?"

"I can't guarantee secure anymore."

Can't guarantee secure anymore?

My thoughts ran wild, if the Covenant traced it back to us...

Then... we're finished.

Before I could ask, but Carter beat me to it,

"Could the Covenant trace it to us?"

"I could."

We all heard Colonel Holland hailing for Carter again,

"Noble Leader, this is a Priority One hail. If you are receiving, acknowledge immediately."

I watched as Kat sighed and handed the comm unit to Carter,

"Keep it brief."

I wish that I could hear what the Colonel had to say to our Noble Leader, but it must be very important and can only be consulted to squad leaders and the higher up.

All I heard Carter say, "Carter here... Yes, sir." as he was strolling his way back to his original position of the balcony.

That's when we all heard Jun call out, "We've got movement. Multiple Covenant vehicles vacating the area... and they're in a hurry."

"How often do you see Covenant retreat for no reason?"

That's actually a really good point.

Normally the Covenant would stood their ground to the death, but this is not like the Covenant at all.

Before I could think of the Covenant's whereabouts, Kat cried out, "Radiation flare! Big! Forty million roentgens!"

"Just lost Holland. What's going on?"

"Atomic excitement scrambled the signal. Ninety million now!"

My eyes widened.

First the Covenant retreating... and now the big radiation flares?

My mind was running wild, telling the something very big and very bad is about to come.

And it's coming very fast!


"Airborne. Close!"

"How close?"

And with that, we heard an extremely loud booming sound.

We were thrown to the ground with such force.

And the rest of the remaining windows were blown out by the shock wave.

"That close!"

I managed to get back on my feet, shaking my head to get rid of the blur out of my eyes and mind.

I helped Kat to get back on her own feet and the rest of us Noble Team made our way to the two separate elevators.

Once we're inside; Carter, Emile, and Jun in one elevator, while me and Kat in the other, it all seemed quiet.

I heard, or barely heard, Kat punched the button of the elevator twice to get the thing started.

Then she asked me, "First glassing?"

Glassing? I should of known!

With the Covenant vacating the city and with Kat's strong radiation signals, it all made sense!

The Covenant are now glassing parts of Reach!

I felt her hand on my shoulder and whispered, "Me too."

Kat released her hand off my shoulder and put her helmet back on her head and opened her comm to the rest of Noble Team,

"Don't worry, I'm on it. Our best option is a fallout bunker in Sublevel 2. Ninety-six metres northeast."

She paused before she asked, "We get orders from Holland, sir?"

This had surprised us all when Carter finally said,

"We're being redeployed to Sword Base."

Noble's best sniper cut in, "Sword?! Covenant own it now!"

"Which is why they want us for a torch and burn op. Keep dr. Halsey's excavation data from falling into enemy hands," I heard him explain over the comm.

As our elevator came to a complete stop and opened the door, both me and Kat rushed after the other three Spartans that are ahead of us.

"If it hasn't already."

"Maybe, but according to Holland, the Covenant are still hunting for something."

When she next spoke, I knew that she was very pissed, "Where does he get off calling a demolition op Priority One-"

I heard a bang from the Covenant's Needle Rifle coming from above us.

Kat's voice was cut off.

I felt time was very slowing down.

I turned and see Kat slowly pitching towards the charred ground below us...

As fast as I could manage, I caught her before she actually hit the ground.

I grabbed the chin part of her helmet and turned her face towards mine and my eyes widened in sheer terror.

Blood was dripping from the hole in Kat's visor.

I can feel my heart beating faster and faster...

Out of my pure rage, I snatched Kat's M6G from her leg plate and fired at the Phantom that was stationed above us.

I heard the other three Spartans fire their MA37s at the Phantom as well.

As I continued to fire Kat's M6G, I watched the Elite Field Marshall...

He was smiling.

Even though it was difficult due to his four mandibles, I just know that he was that he killed one of us Spartans.

I heard clicking sounds coming from the M6G, indicating that it had ran out of ammo.

Just as I ran out, the Phantom that carried Kat's killer flew away from us.

Frustrated, I threw away the M6G to the ground and dragged Kat's lifeless body to the bunker's entrance.

I heard the other Spartans from Noble Team and some civilians shouting at me, telling me to hurry up.

"Come on! Come on! Get in!" Carter waving his hand to back his words up.

"Let's go, come on!"

I pulled Kat's body through the entrance of the bunker.

As I got through, the heavy metal door closed behind us.

I rested her body on to the floor.

The other Spartans crowded around Kat to check if she was alive, but I walked right past them...

My fists clench into tightened balls and began to shake.

First Jorge, and now Kat...?

Why is this happening?!

For no reason at all, I cried out and punched the metal interior of the bunker.

I slammed my eyes shut and my teeth were bared and I fell to my knees.

I held my head low, not wanting the other Noble Team to see me cry due to my failure.

I felt someone's comforting hand on my shoulder to mentally let me know that it really wasn't my fault.

Then I heard someone whisper in my ear, "It's not your fault, Six. Those that should really be at fault is the Covenant that invaded our home. And besides, you're not the only one who's feeling the burden."

I immediately snapped my eyes open and turned my watchful gaze at our Noble Leader.

I could see him with his helmet off, his head held low, eyes shut tightly, and his hands curled into very tight ball of fists.

I looked away from the scene and uttered out a harsh whisper, "It is though."

With that, I punched the metal wall again...
Hey guys, sorry that this took me longer than I expected due to stomach pains, headaches, and massive pain spikes in some areas.
Also with my Shift Key malfunctioning off in most times.

Anyways, here's the Death of Kat that you guys are waiting for.


Halo (c) Bungie (343 Industries)

Story (c) ~Silverfang53

Noble Six: [link]
Jorge: [link]
Emile: [link]
Carter: [link]
Jun: [link]

P.S - Sorry for the confusion guys, but I made Noble Six as a male throughout these entries.
BUT you can imagine Six as a female, since I have no specific gender for Six.
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AssassinsXCove Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
Killing eliets never felt better.
werelightshine Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
*sigh* if elites are all about honor, then why'd he just snipe kat?
NickShepard117 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015
I felt the exact same when i saw her go down.
I practically mentally screamed as he was firing the pistol at the elite.
I even hoped that the last elite we see 6 kill in Lone Wolf was the same one, that way we know 6 at least killed him before he died.
Silverfang53 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I know, right?

Personally, in the actual cutscene, it just didn't seem it just... cut it. I get the fact that they're augmented soldiers trained to be fierce and all, but they're human nevertheless. After Kat's death, it vaguely clear that Carter was shaken up greatly and would like Six (despite still being rather new to Noble Team) to, at least, show some form of companionship or whatnot when it comes to a teammate's death. As Lasky once said to John-117 back on the Infinity:

   "Soldiers and Humanity are two different things. Soldiers aren't machines, they're just people."

And yes, I tend to agree. I wished to see the identity of the final Elite at least killed off. Y'know, the one wielding the Energy Sword (or at least, hopefully, that I'm still on the same subject here), but it is somewhat doubtful he died. Whether if he's a primary character, say the Arbiter, or just some random Elite who could have been killed off via other means: whether of he died from Noble Six, John-117, the marines, the Flood, and etc., and etc. That, we'll just have to see.

And my sincerest apologies for replying this late! I got your message the first I saw it in my inbox, but just as I was about to form up a reply, my mind went absolutely blank. So, I waited until I could form up a better response than the one I had originally brought up. Again, sorry for the very late and a rather long (and rambling, you might say) reply! ^^;
MudslingerArtist Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
Just how I felt in the story of reach
Silverfang53 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, I very much agree with you.
Blackfeather2 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

It felt better to pretend to have Noble 6 as a female in this one.. :blush:
Silverfang53 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Sure since I have no specific gender for Six. :)
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