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July 10, 2011
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Halo Reach
Death of Noble Six

I watched among the pink sunset.

The sun dipping below the rosen skys, giving the clouds that filled that rosen sky their color.

I imagined Her birds, flying into that bask of light.

Hell, if I wasn't on duty, or in the UNSC's military power... I definately enjoy Her bask of glory.

But not just me who's gonna be with me... I want all of Noble Team to see this magnificent beauty.

Also, minus this hellish war. The Covenant, the destruction, and everything that that religious group of aliens they brought upon.

But there's nothing that could be done. I wish that I just could reverse time before the Covanent attacked Reach, but I cannot change physics of space, and time.

Everything has been done.

The attacks of both Inner and Outer Colonies, the deaths of millions that the Covenant has committed, and...

The deaths of my Spartan brothers and sisters.

Especially the deaths of Noble Team.

My heart still aches because of this...

We gave our best shot, but it was just not enough. No matter how many we have killed those Covenant bastards, they just keep supplying with more numbers to take their place.

I watched a couple of their Banshees fly by, their deadly sounds that their thrusters produced. The Covenant won't stop until every last human being has perished.

I took a deep breath. I know for certain what I have to do.

The Covenant's numbers are still scouring among Reach's luminous grounds. They have glassed parts of Reach, wiping out innocent civilization for their search.

But I dare question this; What are the Covenant searching for that's hidden on Reach?

Before I could answer my very own question, I spotted a few Phantoms flying low, dropping off their cargo; Covenant forces consisted of Elites.

I took yet another deep breath, and I sprinted towards them.

'Listen, Reach has been good to me. Time has come to return the favor... Tell them to make it count!'

I looked at Jorge's dogtag that was wounded upon my right wrist.

Jorge's words had been hurtin' my soul for quite a while, ever since his death.

He thought that he died saving Reach...

But instead, he died in fucking vain, damnit!

"I know, Jorge. Reach has also been good to me. It is my turn to relive that wish of yours, I will return that favor for you. And I will make this all count, just for you. And for Noble Team too." I said aloud.

A group of blue armored, low-ranking Elites took notice of my approach and fired their plasma rifles in my direction.

I dodged their plasma onslaught and took refuge in a shady building.

'I know we're losing! I want to know if we lost...'

I didn't want to believe in Kat's words when she said that phrase, but now its starting to come into realization.

She was right... we are losing this fight.

An Elite came around the corner, taunting me with his battle-cry.

I poured some lead from my MA37 Assault Rifle into the Elite's chest cavity. The Elite landed in a crumble heap while purple-black blood poured from various bullet wounds on his chest.

''re on your own, Noble. Carter out.'

For what he did for both Emile and me was an heroic act. I seriously must give him credit for it.

Both me and Emile knew that he was dying, but deep down... we wished that Carter, our Noble Team leader, could be by our side, along with Jorge and Kat.

More Elites arrived and fired plasma rounds at my location, I felt my shields give way. I looked up on the top of my HUD and my shields are nearly depleted.

I dashed inside the shady building even more. My ammo is almost nearly depleted as well by only one clip left.

I sighed and leaned my helmet against the wall. There is no escape. And more Elites, but this time, the higher-ranks are coming.

But I choose this fate. I could just boarded the Pelican, but I am not leaving Noble Team like this. I will never abandon Noble Team. Never.

I readied my MA37, hoping to fulfill that purpose that I promised with Jorge.

I could hear the Elites taunting me, hoping that their taunts would force me out of hiding and challenge them face on.

"Come on out, Demon! I expect a noble, worthy challenge, coward!"

I gripped my MA37 in my tightened hands, and gave  a one, final sigh.

It is time!

I bounded around the coverage that the shady building provided me and charged at the incoming Elites.

They took notice of my approach and fired on-coming plasma in my direction.

I felt my energy shields that the MJOLNIR has provided me the protection that I need, depleted.

And the energy shield generator had malfunction.

And I could feel the searing pain that the plasma has splashed over my body, but I put that pain to the side.

For that I shouted, "Is that the best you bastards got?! Come on, I'm ready! How about you?!"

I fired my MA37 into three-controlled bursts, aiming at the nearest Elite.

He went down in a heap with well-placed bullet shots to the head.

Another Elite, this one wielding an Energy Sword, made a mad-dash towards me. His sword-arm coming up in an arch, about to perform an upper-cut.

Before the Elite could bring that sword-arm down, I charged at him with full speed, catching his wrist in the palm of my hand.

I squeezed the Elite's wrist, hoping to both snap the bones of his wrist and drop the Energy Sword.

The Elite howled in pain as I continued to crush his wrist, until I was caught in the unexpected.

With the Elite's free left hand, he punched me right in the visor of my helmet.

I grunted in pain and surprise, and the visor cracked where the punch landed, reducing my chances of seeing.

I recovered from the blow and snapped his sword-wrist backwards, bones jutting through flesh and blood.

The Elite screamed in agony and out of pure reaction, lunged his head towards mine.

Before both our heads and faces contacted, I simply let go of the Elite and dodged the Elite's headbutt attack.

I could feel my body reacting to the washes of plasma burns over me, I winced in pain, but I continued to fight.

Over the cracks of my visor, I could see more Elites pouring over the horizon, firing more plasma rifles in my direction.

I took a few more plasma, and I grunted in pain.

I panted, and I knew where this is going.

I'm gonna be overwhelmed in a few, short minutes.

But no matter, I'll fight them all, even if it kills me.

In my last desperation, I removed my cracked helmet and letting it drop onto the dusty soil of Reach.

The wind blowing in my so-paled face and shaggy, brunette hair.

I know how its gonna end, but not yet... please, just not yet.

I saw the Elite approach me and firing their plasma rifles, but I was lucky that I was a bit quicker.

With three short-controlled bursts, I put down two of the charging Elites.

But I was almost caught by surprise when an gold-armored Elite came up on my backside.

Before he could plunge the Energy Sword that he was wielding into me, I elbowed him in the face, snapping his neck in the process.

With that Elite down, I fired more rounds, but this time I fired in automatic instead of controlled bursts that I had done before.

Before I took notice of anything, I felt searing, agonizing pain splashing all over my body.

I was taken aback and wincing in pain, but I kept firing onto the oncoming Elites.

After I downed a couple more with my MA37, an blue-armored elite came up to me and back-handed me, knocking both my breath and off my feet.

I landed with a crash on my back and could see the Elite that knocked me down comes up to me and attempt to plunge his Energy Sword into me.

But I managed to shove my boot onto the Elite's chest and shoved him away, giving me some time before he recovers.

But in the corner of my eye, I saw yet another Elite, this time in maroon red with blue light trimmings on parts of his armor, yet wielding again an Energy Sword, attempted to plunge his into my chest cavity.

Alas, I manage to back-hand the maroon-armor Elite in the face, knocking his Energy Sword out of his grasp and sending it flying across a few good meters.

But my hopes were short-lived, the blue-armored Elite that I shoved away with my boot returned and try to aim his sword into, yet my chest cavity again.

Before the energy blade made contact with my body, I managed to roll onto my right side and dodged the fatal lunge that this blue-armored Elite had made.

But before I could react, I felt yet an energy dagger that the maroon Elite had, into my chest.

I cried out in agony, knowing that my life has served it"s purpose.

I felt the blade, this very painful sensation, into my chest... where my beating heart is.

I gasped for breath, but it was getting harder and harder to breath and my vision was getting blurry, with a faint black rim around my eyes and getting closer to my center-point of view.

The marooned-armored Elite didn't remove the energy dagger from my chest cavity, watching me suffer.

I knew it was over.

All humanity, and those on Reach... on Her blissful soil, now gonna be turned to glass.

We gave our best shot... even I gave it my best, but it wasn't enough.

I looked up into both the blue-armored and the marooned-armored Elite's faces, watching me and growled in pleasure of my defeat.

But the silence was broken when the marooned-armored Elite said, "You've fought an honorable battle, Demon. But you must be silenced, in the sake for the Great Journey."

I chuckled, blood spilling from the corners of my mouth, "In due time, you bastard. In due time."

Before I went through the 'final gate' of the passing, I saw all of Noble Team...

Carter, Kat, Jorge, Jun, and Emile... with their helmet-free smiling faces.

And with me, Noble Six, running as fast as I could to join them.

We are Noble Team.
Hey everyone!

So sorry for the major inactivity on DA, I had alot of things to do and just now I just discovered a horrible truth.
But in return, I manage to finish this literature work that I done for.. say, alot of weeks (less in a month, mind you).

And this is about the Death of "lone wolf" Noble Six.
I added more detail into how the events take place at the end of Halo: Reach.

I hope you'll enjoy. :)

Jorge: [link]
Kat: [link]
Emile: [link]
Carter: [link]
Jun: [link]

Halo (c) Bungie (343 Industries)

Story (c) ~Silverfang53

P.S - I might make more of this, but with other Noble Team (Either may or may not include Jun, its your choice).
P.P.S - Sorry for the confusion guys, but I made Noble Six as a male throughout these entries.
BUT you can imagine Six as a female, since I have no specific gender for Six.
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lovlyness404 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014   Artist
Cool ending a lot different from the cutscenes. I played the ending again lasted more than 20 minutes and like 15 elites I killed them and six f them with energy swords came at me I killef 2 of them I was on low health I used armor lock but in 5 minutes I died. I lasted like maybe more than twenty minutes it was hard. I love the ending nd how the elite talks in english it reminds me of a halo reach machinima by chronicler 117.
Silverfang53 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. :)

As for the ending, it's like nigh impossible for you (as Noble Six, of course) to survive the oncoming hordes of Covenant. No matter how many you take out or how long you stand your ground for, more and more will come and they (after reaching a certain amount of time) will bring out the Wraith tanks and attack you with them until the cutscene shows (or in other words, you die). I don't remember how long I have lasted out for as I haven't played the game in months and was entranced by the cutscene itself - which it is one of the most saddest deaths among of the characters of Halo: Reach.
GOH-Star Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
So awesome! :dummy:
I should play Reach and see what its like!
Silverfang53 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

Thank you! I greatly enjoyed playing Halo: Reach, and I would recommend it that you should give it a go too. :)


MLP-Black-Knight Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
By God. This Was An Amazing Story, It Was Like Something Out Of An Epic Movie. Sir, You Have A Talent For Writing, And I Applaud You For That.  
Silverfang53 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Why thank you! :D

MLP-Black-Knight Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Your Welcome! :D
greendonutbot400 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Wow. I am speechless...I have never read a story as good as this! You really should make more.
Silverfang53 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Thank you! :hug:

Ser-Aeron492 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
Very nice. I got goosebumps when I read the last line. You did a good job capturing the things that Noble Team was trying to protect in Halo: Reach and thus made a very emotional and exhilarating story. Kudos. I myself am writing a Halo Spartan story.
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